Membership Information

We use SugarWOD to log workout data. This is a free app which publishes and pushes notification (if desired) regarding the next day’s workout and other member interactions.

Lifetime Membership
No refunds (full or partial) for PCS or other relocations, pro-rated refund will be given only if CrossFit Haymount no long offers service (Goes out of business). An annual Maintenance Fee of $50 will be due on anniversary date of the membership. If inactive for some reason (not using the gym, deployed, etc) the membership may be placed in an “inactive status”, members are responsible for updating CFH of inactive status requests and reactivation prior to reuse. Members are required to keep active credit card or bank account information on file for annual Maintenance Fee.

Annual Contract (One Year Membership)
Requires a 12-month contract. Contract will renew automatically as month-to-month after 12-months.  Cancelation will be for auto-renew only, no pro-rated refunds.

Membership Contracts
Requires 6-month contracts with auto pay. Upon completion of the 6-month contract period, memberships will renew monthly at the current membership price on a month-to-month basis unless canceled, in writing, by the member. Cancelations require a 30-notice.

Cancellations are required in writing (email) 30-days prior. Membership contracts will be canceled for military PCS (or other similar circumstances) only, proof of PCS (orders) required. PCS from Fort Bragg required, not inter-post transfers. Memberships may be suspended during extended absences (deployment/other TDY), 15-days notice required. Other cancelations will be considered on a case-by-case basis, if you need help with your membership – just reach out to us. We are happy to work with our members as much as possible.

Membership Hold Requests
Military members may request a hold on their account, for any TDY or training event 90-days or longer. Requests must be done in writing, with 15-day notice, and include a copy of TDY orders.

Membership Changes
ALL requests must be done in writing via our member portal or email:

Member portal for account updates: LINK

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