CrossFit Haymount truly believes in the FIVE FACTORS OF HEALTH philosophy and we want to help you with as many of those pillars as you will allow. Our passion is in life change. We wish to see the healthiest days to come for all of our members.

5 Factors

Our Fitness Tracks are based on true, non-biased, General Physical Preparedness (GPP) programming. We want to keep our members fit for life. And we believe this programming style is the best way to do that.

CrossFit prides itself on the fact that its athletes train and prepare for the unexpected:

“Our program delivers a fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive. Our specialty is not specializing. Combat, survival, many sports, and life reward this kind of fitness and, on average, punish the specialist.”
– Greg Glassman

General Physical Preparedness is used to improve your ability across all areas of fitness — speed, strength, endurance, flexibility, power, coordination, and so on. It is the opposite of Specific Physical Preparedness (SPP), which is used to increase your capacity in one area of fitness (olympic weightlifting, running, gymnastics, etc.).

GPP is non-biased, or not biased toward one skill or area of fitness, such as strength or gymnastics. SPP is biased, with its programming predominantly built around one area. Programming that includes a strength piece before a METCON every day is biased toward strength.

The problem with biased programming is that you end up “specializing” in whatever you decide to train. And when you specialize in one area, you lose capacity in others. For instance, if you are too good at strength, you will probably have limited cardio ability (and vice versa). That is the problem with a strength-biased program. You can get really strong, but your focus on strength sacrifices other skills, such as speed, endurance or coordination.

For most of us, not competing in a sport, GPP is by far the best option because the goal is to be more fit for life, meaning the focus is on decades of fitness, not just this year or next year.

Want to dive into the details of why we believe in a non-biased philosophy programming? Follow this link for more information.

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